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Semič cultural centre

The Semič Cultural Centre it is located in the centre of Semič. It was founded by the county of Semič in 2008 and is intended for hosting cultural and sports performances, youth activities and tourist events.

The hall boasts 310 comfortable seats and 8 places for the disabled.

It is intended for various concerts and performances.

In addition, the centre includes a modern conference room for 24 participants and a conference hall that can accommodate 150 people.

Throughout the year the centre hosts several exhibitions, workshops, lectures, meetings and weddings.

The centre and its facilities are intended for various activities of local cultural associations as well. There are three dressing rooms available for the performers.

Cultural Centre features the Semič Local Library which is a branch of the Črnomelj Library. The beginnings of its activity date back to 1974. Today the book fund includes 16 000  book and non-book units. In the reading room the visitors can have a look at the permanent collection of works by a well- known Semič figure, Dr. Lojze Krakar, who was a poet, a translator, and a great patriot. Krakar dedicated an extensive number of his verses to Bela krajina and Semič.

The library features a multimedia computer room.