Gače / Komarna vas

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Apartment Gače is located in the unspoiled nature of the Črmošnjiška dolina valley next to the Gače ski resort. This is a great starting point for exploring the local riches of natural and cultural heritage, which you can discover on foot or by bike. Not far from the apartment murmurs Divji potok, the hidden pearl of Črmošnjice. Only a good 10 km separates you from the old town centre of Semič, where you can take in plenty of sights worth visiting. You can also indulge yourself with premium ice cream.

The apartment has 6 beds, free wi-fi and a beautiful view from the sun terrace.



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Apartment Pri Movernu is located on the Golobič Ecological Farm in the village of Gradnik, not very far from Semič. On our farm we are engaged in woodworking, so the apartment is equipped with furniture made of solid wood from our forests. The apartment offers holidays and relaxation in the countryside for four people. Guests can treat themselves to a basket of homemade delicacies with delicious local meats and various seasonal products. Culinary enthusiasts have a barbecue at their disposal, and by prior agreement, we can pamper you with homemade grilled meat made under a metal lid. A walk through the karst meadows and pastures, where you will be greeted by our cows, will fill you with positive energy and encourage you to stroll through the area of Bela krajina.

Apartment Pri Movernu is only a few kilometres away from the Semič town square and is an excellent starting point for recreation along our cycling and hiking trails.


Semič / Črmošnjice / Gače

SemičČrmošnjice (CŠOD)Gače

There are three stops for campers in the Municipality of Semič. One is in the town centre of Semič in the public parking lot in front of the fire station, second is higher up in Črmošnjice near CŠOD Lipa and the third one at Ski centre Gače. Camper stops are paved and illuminated. There are also tables and benches at the camper stop. The stops offer ideal starting points for exploring the natural and cultural sights of the Municipality of Semič. At the end of an active holiday, treat yourself to a visit to one of the wine cellars or providers of gastronomic experiences. We are included in the Network of Motorhome Stopovers in Slovenia. Campers, you are very welcome.




Our farm is a paradise for visitors who want traditional Bela krajina cuisine, as we are known for delicious homemade dishes. You can find us near the source of the Krupa River with our village being named after it. 

The beautiful promenade along the Krupa offers visitors unique moments in nature. If you want to spend a holiday or vacation in the village and experience fun Bela krajina evenings, we are the right address for you! 

Kids will definitely be most excited about our domestic animals and the playground. We also have a traditional Bela krajina house on display, in which we’ve arranged a museum and a space for various workshops and meetings. In bad weather, guests are especially recommended to relax with a therapeutic massage. Visit us and treat yourself in the country!



The Lipa Centre for School and Extracurricular Activities (Center šolskih in obšolskih dejavnosti; CŠOD) is located in the Črmošnjiška Valley below the Gače Ski Centre. Since 1997, we have been running the School in Nature and the Kindergarten in Nature, and organising various activity days and active holidays for children. We bring the natural science closer to them along the picturesque Divji potok and Črmošnjičica brooks.

We offer accommodation in 15 rooms by prior arrangement in free periods. We welcome individual guests, groups and families. There are 80 seats in our dining room where we serve pre-ordered dishes (e.g. special occasions) for non-residents.

There are many well-kept play areas next to the lodge, and the peaceful surrounding offer many opportunities for relaxation in nature.



Hotel Smuk is located in the market centre of Semič and is a great starting point for exploring the interesting stories of our area. Have a coffee or dessert on our large, pleasant terrace overlooking the nave wall and the church of St Stephen.

We serve traditional Slovenian food prepared in a modern way. We will especially impress you with deliciously prepared venison. Let us pamper you with our delicious dishes!


Štrekljevec pri Semiču

Kal Homestead is aware of the uniqueness of Bela krajina, its cultural and natural heritage and the uniqueness of this area. Our tourist offer, too, is designed according to this principle – in the architectural and culinary sense it is based on the highest criteria. Kal Homestead offers guests an inspiring starting point for exploring the Bela krajina region. Interesting stories of travel routes through the hidden beauties of this inspiring landscape are written here. The deepest intention of Kal Homestead is to do good, give from the heart and be hospitable, just like Bela krajina and its people are.



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Our vineyard cottage offers a gratifying relaxation in the land of white birches, more specifically in the village of Osojnik near Semič. It features seven beds. Although spacious and modernly equipped, it manages to preserve a touch of bygone days. From the balcony, you can enjoy a lovely view of the Bela krajina karst plateau. In these pleasant surroundings, you will surely enjoy your morning coffee or perhaps spend an hour of repose reading a good book …
The barbecue lovers can enjoy a special place under the vine trellis accompanied by the good wine from our wine cellar (wine cellar – zidanica in Slovenian). The cottage is an excellent starting point for hiking, biking and other outdoor activities in the local hills and valleys. You can explore several small water sources and other interesting natural features hidden in the Bela krajina karst landscape. One of them is the Kalski Studenec Well not far from the cottage.
We invite you to experience the freshness of a relaxed morning enchanted by bird singing in the nearby forest. You may even be visited by a timid doe … In the early mornings, you will experience another surprise: you will surely be fascinated by the view of a mysterious Bela krajina ocean. Have you already guessed what this is all about?

Our latest acquisition and offering is a sauna. Guests may also enjoy a wonderful three-day treatment with local herbs.



Planina – Mirna gora

The Mirna gora Mountain Lodge is the starting point or final destination of many hiking trails along the spacious Kočevski Rog range, which attracts many nature lovers. We are happy to have every visitor, especially those who brighten our day with a grateful smile. We pamper hikers and cyclists with delicious stews, rice, sauerkraut stew, goulash and excellent mushroom soup. We also prepare pancakes with various fillings—our guests are especially enthusiastic about those.

At an altitude of 1048m here, you are offered truly beautiful views, and nature rewards you with slightly different motifs at any time of the year. You can also spend the night here as we have 33 beds available in the lodge. Visit us and experience Bela krajina with a touch of the mountains.


Komarna vas

The Petric Log Cabin is located in Komarna vas village on the hillside of Kočevski Rog plateau. We offer our guests a comfortable stay in unspoiled nature. There’s a nice bar for socialising in the log cabin, you can use free WiFi and get room service. There is also a terrace and free private parking.

 You can enjoy a buffet breakfast in the morning, and there is also a barbecue available for guests. You can enjoy outdoor activities during the day and then relax in the garden or in the shared lounge.


Trško jedro Semič

Sport Apartments Semič is ideal accommodation for all sports enthusiasts – hikers, paragliders, cyclists, skiers. Besides the basic training equipment, we have taken care of the details that make a difference. As the owner is a member of the Slovenian Athletic Federation, he made sure that the athletes will feel more than excellent here.


The apartment is part of one of the oldest buildings in Semič, full of rich history and positive energy. The house was once a manor house of the neighbouring Šuštaršič House and was built by a famous merchant in 1884. It’s located in the idyllic market centre of the town of Semič and offers an excellent starting point for exploring the sights on the sunny side of Gorjanci range. It hides a beautiful garden behind with a fireplace overlooking Semiška gora mountain and the horses. And you can often see paragliders in catching breathtaking views of the Bela krajina karst plain. 

The Sport Apartments Semič team invites you to an active vacation and a trip to Bela krajina. For unforgettable memories and an experience that will awaken all your senses.


Črmošnjice – Gače

Stress-less House, our stress-free house stands in an attractive location near Gače Ski Centre. We are surrounded by the unspoiled nature of the slopes of Kočevski Rog plateau, where you can breathe freely. We offer 12 beds.

Here, you can ski on the artificially snowy slopes of Gače in winter, and in other seasons, you will find many opportunities for hiking, cycling, fishing, hunting tourism and swimming in the Kolpa River. Take advantage of the exceptional natural resources offered here!


Praproče pri Gradniku

Our holiday house is located in a beautiful location in the wine-growing village of Praproče near Gradnik. The cottage comprises a bedroom, a living room, an equipped kitchen and a balcony overlooking the garden. 

You can visit the Baškovič Collection of Weapons and Military Equipment near by, and you can use your holiday here to explore many natural and cultural sights in all three Bela krajina municipalities on foot, by bike … Welcome!



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Villa Sredgora is an oasis of comfort and relaxation amidst the unspoiled rainforests of Kočevje in southeastern Slovenia. This sustainably designed beauty is built on the ruins of an abandoned village in Kočevje, which host Mojca has revived into a unique tourist destination for the most demanding guests. For guests who value sustainability and unspoiled nature.


Semiška gora


VINEYARD COTTAGE JAKSE is an apartment located among the vineyards which is ideal for a couple’s retreat or a family of four. It’s an excellent starting point for discovering the many beauty spots of the Bela krajina region. We personally welcome every guest and are happy to offer them homemade wine and seasonal products. The peaceful surroundings of the apartment and the beautiful view of Semič enchant absolutely everyone and ensure complete relaxation. Take a break from everyday obligations and enjoy wonderful mornings with us!


Semiška gora

Zajc Vineyard Cottage stands in a quiet location, surrounded by vineyards and orchards. It offers a beautiful view of Semič and the whole Bela krajina region. It offers a pleasant and peaceful holiday among the vineyards, as it is adapted to the needs of the modern tourist. 

Furnished in a contemporary way, the apartment gives a feeling of homeliness and comfort. There are cycling and walking trails in the area, suitable for demanding athletes and for guests looking for relaxation in nature. The Kolpa River and Kočevski Rog range nearby offer refreshment on hot days. You can also visit Gače Ski Centre, which delights visitors in winter and summer. You are warmly welcome!