Semič Gym offers an excellent space for all sports enthusiasts. The Partisan Gym Association (Telovadno društvo Partizan (TVD) Partizan) dates back to 1952. At that time, thanks to gym teacher Anka Adlešič Tomc, a lively sports activity began to develop in Semič. She and the teacher Anton Plut were the main initiators of the establishment of TVD Partizan. Ivan Kristan, Martin Tomc and Franc Magister also contributed a lot to the establishment of the association. Semič Gym was located in the premises of Sokol House, which also served as a cultural centre. 

The students and other young people participated on a huge scale. They volunteered to help arrange the gym and its surroundings. 

Older boys and girls gathered in the evenings. They played volleyball and exercised on gym equipment. They organised competitions in exercising on gym equipment between the teams of the towns of Črnomelj, Metlika and Semič. They also organised dance rehearsals and dances on a regular basis.

A lot of attention was paid to rhythmic exercises; the instructor was comrade Draga Mislej. They performed rhythmic exercises at home and at national gym gala events. They even took part in an all-Yugoslav event at the Yugoslav People’s Army Stadium in Belgrade with eight young women. Comrade Tito also watched some of the events. Members of Partisan Gym Association Semič regularly participated in Tito’s Relay; they also took part in the run along the Trail Along the Wire of Occupied Ljubljana.

In 2008 and 2009, the Semič Gym sports hall was renovated. It is suitable for volleyball, basketball, handball, table tennis, badminton and group exercises. May this venerable building serve its purpose for a long time to come!

Today, the Semič Partisan House is managed by the Semič Cultural Centre.

Price list for the use of Semič Gym – Partisan House Semič

Use of the sports activities hall – 60 minutes7,50 €
Use of the hall for a one-time event up to 6 hours  40,00 €
Use of the hall for a one-time event 12 hours60,00 €


The provision of a public service that is free of charge for users and is in line with current strategies in the local communityFree of charge

Sports summer in Semič

Members of the Semič sports association Partizan have been preparing a very well-attended Sports Summer in Semič for many generations, intended for all generations. Children, young people, as well as the slightly older ones, gather on the playground every working day around 7 pm, when the heat subsides a bit, and socialize at sports games.

Foto: Uroš Novina