On the first Sunday in June, in the pleasant shade of the linden park in Semič, breeders of sheep and goat from all over Bela krajina meet. They bring their trophy animals to the show, which are a real feast for the eyes. Visitors get to know various breeds of sheep and goats, with Bela krajina pramenka being especially valuable as one of the Slovenian indigenous sheep breeds. The event includes the evaluation of the most beautiful ram and male goat antlers, as well as the selection of the most beautiful and noble animal. They also choose the best roast lamb, and various other meat dishes are available to visitors. There is also a varied selection of goods on the stalls, where Bela Krajina farmers offer visitors quality dairy and meat products, honey, many herbal teas and ointments, and attractive handicrafts. 

The Bela krajina Sheep and Goat Breeders Association unites breeders and lovers of sheep and goats from all three Bela krajina municipalities. The annual exhibition of sheep and goats in Semič is an opportunity for them to socialise, exchange experience and buy local products that are the result of the work of the hard-working hands of Bela Krajina. This well-attended event proves that visitors really appreciate the produce of Bela Krajina farmers.

Foto: Archives of the Bela Krajina sheep breeders’ association