Experience the charm of the landscape through many activities in Semič municipality. Semič is more than suitable for hiking due to terrain elevation. Visitors can choose between simple hikes through the low karst world, full of interesting karst phenomena, or more demanding hikes to one of the peaks. Most of the trails offer true classrooms in nature, some of them marked as learning trails. Groups can plan their trips with a local tourist guide. 


Cycling through the karst landscape between hills and meadows, mountain peaks and forests is like a green fairy tale. You get to know hidden corners, nature, former Gottscheer villages … and much more in the Bela krajina region – Semič municipality. Especially attractive is the beautiful view over the whole of Bela krajina region offered from the panoramic road on Semiška gora mountain. You will feel the softness of the Semič hills even more from a height.


There are other activities besides hiking and cycling in Semič and its surroundings. Enjoy skiing, paragliding, aircraft modelling or horseback riding!