Combine activities with great food. Hiking and cycling trails will take you to restaurants and tourist farms where food is grown in the home garden. Clean air, an unspoiled environment and clear creeks such as the Mlinščica offer excellent conditions for aquaculture. In addition to crispy roasted trout, treat yourself with a smoked trout or a fish spread. 


After the cycling tour in Kočevski Rog plateau, you will definitely smell lunch with the most beautiful view of the entire Bela krajina region. Roast lamb or barbecued piglet are Bela krajina specialities. Take a walk along the beautiful hiking trail from Lebica Cave to the River Krupa. You will be served excellent meat and vegetarian dishes from the home garden at the nearby tourist farms. 

Learn how to bake Bela krajina pogača flatbread, strudel and potica cakes. For a tasty souvenir and a gift for friends, we recommend honey, dried meat products or a bottle of top quality wine. Take the taste of Bela krajina home.

Foto: SC Gače, T. Jeseničnik, U. Raztresen, Z. Butala, A. Pezdirc, Mirna gora, U. Novina, Hotel Smuk