Do you like to discover unknown places? Do you know that there are as many as eight mountains over 1000m high in the Municipality of Semič? Cycle through Kočevski Rog plateau on e-bikes and discover the mystical rainforests and the six-hundred-year history of the Gottscheers. Enjoy lunch right at Gače or Mirna gora at a table with the most beautiful view. Your view will stretch all the way from Triglav mountain to the mighty mountains of neighbouring countries. 


For an even more adrenaline-filled experience, climb over the wine-growing Semiška gora to Smuk hill, and go down in tandem with a paraglider. Land on a karst field and set off from there to discover karst caves and water springs from Lebica Cave to the River Krupa. In the meantime, visit Vinji Vrh to visit the most beautiful baroque church by far. 


Try honey products at the beekeeper’s to get some energy. Spend the night on one of the tourist farms, in modern apartments or a hotel in the centre of Semič town. The next day they go discovering other parts of Bela krajina region. A descent down the River Kolpa? A visit to regional parks? Pisanice easter eggs or linen? A wide range of activities is available to you.

Foto: Z. Butala, SC Gače, B. Krstinić, Mirna gora, U. Novina