Semič – Sela pri Semiču – Mladica – Vinji Vrh – Stranska vas – Krupa – Moverna vas – Stranska vas – Vinji Vrh – Brstovec – Brezje – Sadinja vas, Vavpča vas – Semič


The promise of a leisurely cycling experience along a stretch of land rich in cultural and historic landmarks and richer still in natural treasures, makes the Cycle Route Lebica-Krupa indispensable to recreation connoisseurs and other visitors of Bela krajina. The route traverses shallow karst along the immediate outskirts of the Krupa river and along the bank of the river itself. The karst landscape with its numerous sinkholes, small springs, rocky meadows and areas of bracken undergrowth is a true nature’s classroom.



The market core of Semič (St. Stephen’s Church, ramparts of a fortress church, Local Museum Collection, learning garden of dr. Derganc), Karst Learning Trail from Lebica to Krupa, Lebica cave, plague column in Trata, karst cave Malikovec, Church of Holy Trinity in Vinji Vrh, karst cave Judovska hiša.

16 km

2,5 h

Difficulty: easy

Starting point: TIC Semič


Foto: Jan Kocjan, Uroš Novina, SVRK Polona Avanzo