Semič – Gaber – Vrčice – Planina – Mirna gora – Sredgora – Gorenjci – Semič


One cannot count the trails leading up to the Mirna gora mountain on the fingers of one hand. The Mirna gora mountain and its trails call to the recreation enthusiasts and other visitors to Bela krajina alike. This cycle route uses mainly the forest roads.


Nearby landmarks:

Market core of Semič (St. Stephen’s Church, ramparts of a fortress church, Local Museum Collection, learning garden of dr. Derganc), forest railway Črnomelj – Leseni kamen [wooden stone] (Bremzberg), St. Elijah’s Church at Planina, mountain lodge, St. Francis Xavier Church, observation tower on Mirna gora mountain, kočka lipa linden tree (700 years)

39 km

4 h

Difficulty: very difficult

Starting point: TIC Semič


Foto: Jan Kocjan, Uroš Novina