Semič – Stranska vas – Črešnjevec – Cerovec – Gradnik – Sodji Vrh – Osojnik – Brezova Reber – Semiška gora – Semič  


This route will take you up to a wonderful observation point on the Smuk plateau (547 m) rising just above Semič. The villages along the way are steeped in rich history which is why the route will satisfy history aficionados as well as those enjoying a bit of a climb.


Nearby landmarks:

Market core of Semič (St. Stephen’s Church, ramparts of a fortress church, Local Museum Collection, learning garden of dr. Derganc), Črešnjevec (open-air museum and Topolovec Hospital), Osojnik village (a spring and a well), Brezova Reber village (St. Katherine’s church), Smuk plateau (remnants of the Smuk castle, St. Lawrence’s Church, hunting lodge, paragliding launch site)

27 km

3 h

Difficulty: medium

Starting point: TIC Semič


Foto: Zvone Butala, Uroš Novina, Jan Kocjan