Get in the air. The Smuka ridge above Semič at an altitude of 547m is famous as an excellent starting point for paragliding and hang-gliding. The well-kept and accessible centre is located directly above the vineyards of Semiška gora mountain and offers a beautiful view of Bela krajina and beyond. The southern location creates favourable thermal conditions, where experienced pilots can fly up to 1500m above sea level. Discover the very special feeling of paragliding in tandem accompanied by experienced paragliders. You won’t be sorry! 


When you’re done with enjoying the heights, take a look at one of the many karst caves. A sinkhole or a karstic basin Medvednica is certainly among the most special. And there is a different karst cave in the hinterland of the River Krupa—Malikovec cave. It’s surrounded by a wild orchard of old fruit species. And hides stalactites in the underground hall. Can you find an elephant’s head?

Foto: Boris Krstinić, Uroš Novina, Jan Kocjan