Are you a group of friends, an association or co-workers? You will not be bored on a gastronomic wander. You certainly won’t be hungry or thirsty either. Start the day with a cooking workshop, where you try your hand at baking Bela krajina pogača flatbread, potica cake or strudel. They are most delicious while still warm. We have satisfied our stomachs, now it’s the eyes’ turn. 


We feast them on the emerald River Krupa, which winds picturesquely through the canyon valley. After a short walk, a homemade lunch in a restaurant or on a tourist farm will be a great, followed by honey products for dessert. Honey, mead, honey cake. Maybe honey sparkling wine? Beekeepers are looking forward to welcoming you. Combine learning about the world of bees with a visit to one of the orchards. A pleasantly concluded afternoon is a nice introduction to a wine evening. 


Bela krajina has always been known for its excellent wines. You taste them, too. Song and dance can be heard long into the night with accordions or the tamburitza.

Foto: J. Kocjan, SC Gače, U. Raztresen, Z. Butala, U. Novina, Kmetija Mlinar, Kalska domačija