Head to the Gače Ski Centre, where various ski trails await both beginners and competitors in the winter. Cross-country skiers and those who like sledding also get their share. In summer, this is the place where you can compete in running to the top of the ski slope with an altitude difference of as much as 200m and with a maximum inclination of 42˚. 

From here, take ordinary bicycles, e-bikes or go on foot along the many well-organised paths along Kočevski Rog plateau. Along the way, you will discover the centuries-old heritage of the villages of the Gottscheers and the beautiful nature, where the extensive meadows of Ponikve karstic plain stand out. A special experience is the ascent to the lookout tower on Mirna gora mountain with the most beautiful view of Bela krajina. In the village of Planina, located below Mirna gora, stop to see the technical collection of the former forest railway.

Foto: U. Novina, SC Gače, J. Kocjan, A. Henigsman