This scenic path leads you across the shallow karst area within the narrow hinterland of the river Krupa and along the river itself. The karst region with numerous sinkholes, small springs, stone commons, fern areas, fern forests, the naturally preserved sessile oak and hornbeam forest, and the river Krupa is an exceptional classroom outdoors. On the way you will see three small karst caves: the water karst cave Lebica, Malikovec, and Judovska hiša, which is the only verified Palaeolithic cave in Bela krajina. Another proof of the shallow karst world is deep sinkhole called Vodenica with a permanent spring, and a sinkhole Medvednica.

The trail was renovated in 2019 and enriched with a hanging footbridge. The ground water of the Krupa river hinterland is the only known habitat of the Congeria Jalzici cave shell in Slovenia. The walk along the entire path takes about four hours.



Museum house Semič, Taborska hiša and taborsko obzidje (court house with walls), Church of St. Stephen (parish church), water karst cave Lebica, Church of St. Michael, plague spot in Trata (Pild), Malikovec karst cave, Church of the Holy Trinity in Vinji Vrh (pilgrim church), Vodenica, view point, Judovska hiša karst cave, The home of cave shell, Krupa river.

SemičSelaKrupaVinji vrhTrataSemič

13,5 km

4 h

Difficulty: easy

Traditional hike: The first Saturday in October

Starting point: Tourist information centre Semič


Foto: SVRK P. Avanzo, Uroš Novina, Jan Kocjan