The market core of Semič acquires a more noble image from year to year. The buildings there reveal the surprisingly rich history of our area. The most powerful building is the Church of St Stephen, one of the oldest and largest churches in Bela krajina. The market core was named Štefanov trg (Stephen’s Square) after it.

Opposite the church is the luxurious Šuštaršič House, once owned by a rich merchant. Its entrance is decorated with an interesting relief with an amphora and grain ears. It was built around 1925. It housed a national reading room, a shop, a butcher’s shop, a library and a registry office.

The neighbouring green house once belonged to Josip Zurec, the last owner of the castle on Krupa. There are still many interesting anecdotes about him and his family today. The house with a wooden porch, under which the inn can be found today, boasts the year 1753. This is probably the oldest preserved house in Semič.

Opposite the inn are the municipal building and the renovated Semič Museum House, designed in a modern way. This building plays an important role in Semič history, as it was built in 1838 as a school. It also housed a post office and a medical station, and today houses a modern museum with three fine collections.

Just a few steps away, you can see the Dr Derganc Learning Garden. It has an orchard with typical old varieties of fruit and berries. The model vineyard with old vine varieties, such as those once planted on Semiška gora mountain, is also interesting. Part of the garden is dedicated to medicinal herbs, which are an important part of a healthy diet.

You can add to your exploration of the market core with excellent ice cream, but you can also stay here and spend the night. We are looking forward to your visit!


Foto: Uroš Novina