The oak on Smuk is located on the Smuk hill and is a popular hiking destination above Semič. When you approach it on foot or by bike, you can rest on benches under a lush canopy of old oak at the hunting lodge.


The trunk of the oak on Smuk measures 350cm in circumference, and its solid branches extend far away from the trunk as if to touch the nearby church of St Lawrence. We can only speculate about the age of the oak on Smuk; it may have stood as early as the time when Count Lichtenberg built a castle chapel on Smuk in 1687. Oak on Smuk witnessed numerous pilgrimages, gatherings of partisans of the Semič and the First Bela krajina Troops, construction of a hunting lodge and the Dormouse Hut…


The oak is a tree with an extremely powerful energy field. It symbols dignity, strength and courage. Go out into nature and pay attention to the trees too!


Foto: Uroš Novina