How many members of your family does it take to hug the thickest fir tree in Slovenia? A thick fir tree in the forests of Črmošnjice is waiting for you to answer this question. Start exploring the forest of Kočevsko and Črmošnjiška Valley on Gače or Mirna gora mountains, from where you can go on foot or by bike along marked and arranged paths. E-bikes for children and adults are available. You will visit mighty forests, ancient Gottscheer villages and flowering meadows. 

Did you know that 40 species of orchids grow in the meadows here? Treat yourself with a picnic or outdoor lunch at local providers. Fresh air will also give you energy to discover Second World War partisan hospitals. Pleasantly tired, go down to the lowland Bela krajina region and have something sweet. Honey, potica cake, povitica rolled cake or strudel? The choice is yours. Spend the night at one of the tourist farms or in a locally furnished apartment. And move on the next day in discovering the secrets of the waters.

Foto: U. Novina, T. Lončarić, Z. Butala, J. Kocjan, Kalska domačija, SC Gače