The path to Smuk is a fairly known hiking route, as it has been a popular meeting point for organized hikes for a number of years. The path begins is Semič (Štefanov square) and runs over a fairly challenging slope towards Semič vineyard cottages pass the chapel and a spring to the highest point of the hike – Smuk (547 m). Here you can also have a look at the ruins of the Smuk castle and dormouse hunter’s cottage and continue through a scenic path in the shadow of the forest towards the village Pribišje. In the village, we turn to the forest path and if we follow marks, we will soon reach the end of the path at the memorial plaque in Gornje Laze. The hike is organized at the end of October to the memory of the 1st Bela krajina troops.



Museum house Semič, Taborska hiša and camp walls, Church of St. Stephen (parish church), Smuk (plateau above Semič), ruins of the Smuk Castle and Church of St. Lawrence, paraglider take-off point, memorial plaque in Gornje Laze.

SemičSmukPribišjeGornje Laze

7,2 km

2 h

Smuk (547 m n. m.)

Difficulty: medium

Traditional hike: at the end of October

Starting point: Štefan Square in Semič


Foto: Boris Krstinić, Uroš Novina, Jan Kocjan