For all hill lovers, there are mountains over 1000m high here in the Semič area. There are as many as eight hills higher than 1000m in Bela krajina. All eight are located in the Semič municipality. They are arranged in two groups.


The first group consists of Kovačev hrib (1051m), Mirna gora (1047m), Škrilje (1012m) and Vinica (1020m). They are found on the extreme edge of the Kočevski Rog plateau. This quartet with its surroundings forms an important area that supplies water to several Rog wells and other water sources. All these peaks are covered by a forest blanket, which, unfortunately, has already been fairly damaged by human hands.


The slope of Škrilje hill is indented and passes steeply over the magical White Walls (Bele stene) into the valley of Divji potok and Rečica brooks. The Škrilje peak offers an exceptional view of the Črmošnjiška Valley, Blatnik and Semenič settlements, the Dolenjska region and most of Bela krajina region.


The less-known Kovačev hrib and Vinica are very rocky and full of surface karst phenomena (grooves, limestone pavement, solution pans, etc.); however, the hiker can conquer them without much effort. Traces of Gottscheer villages (Kleč, Škrilj, Pogorelec, Ponikve…) are still visible around these hills. The view also extends to the vast karst plain of Ponikve on the west side of the quartet and to the village of Planina.


The second group of Rog’s 1000m mountains consists of Kopa (1077m), Kroglinšek or Kroglišek (1054m), Logpichl or Logbüchel (1036m) and the eighth hill, which is still without a name and stands on the Kočevje-Semič-Toplica border tripoint. All four embrace the Golobinjek basin on the southwestern edge of the Semič municipality. They form a natural landscape boundary together with other hills. They are built of limestone and covered with forest.


Kopa is the highest peak of the Semič municipality. The ascent to it is not at all demanding, but unfortunately it does not offer the hiker the right view. Nevertheless, Kopa has its own special character, as its top is flat as on the plateaus.


Put on your backpack and set off on an interesting journey across Semič’ 1000m mountains with the guide of the Semič Mountaineering Association!


Foto: Pohodniška ekipa Tempoo