Teambuilding in Bela krajina? Yes, you and your colleagues can spend a day full of activities, new insights and adventures here. Take a guided trip along one of the most picturesque rivers in Slovenia, the Krupa and get to know the lives of people a millennium ago in a Paleolithic cave.


Along the way, a snack of home-made products and drinks awaits you. Learn about the team work of bees at the beekeeper’s, working in a coordinated and dedicated way and rewarding us with various types of honey. The team can try their hand at baking strudel or Bela krajina pogača flatbread, and the braver ones can try their hand at riding a horse at the murmur of the peaceful Mlinščica creek. 


Finally, a dinner follows with an accordion or Bela krajina tamburitza accompaniment on a tourist farm. Why not visit one of the wine cellars? Try the award-winning Bela Krajina wines, you won’t regret it. We can also arrange overnight stays.

Foto: J. Kocjan, U. Novina, SC Gače, M. Henigsman, U. Banovec, Z. Butala, Kalska domačija