A collection of weapons and military equipment is on display in Praproče near Semič. Its purpose is not only to emphasise the importance of weapons over time, but also to make people aware of their responsible handling. 

The collection of weapons includes objects from the period of the Second World War and after, and also weapons from the period of the war for the independence of Slovenia. A military jeep is parked in front of the entrance to the collection, and an anti-aircraft cannon from 1943 also catches the eye.

There are various types of rifles, pistols and machine guns on display. Telecommunication devices, binoculars, military helmets, a German army typewriter, water bottles and compasses given to Bela krajina partisans by English soldiers are also interesting. The shocking fates reveal the personal legitimate IDs of the Jews who were most likely killed in the Jasenovac camp.

The visitor will get to know an interesting part of our history with an expert explanation and guidance through the collection of weapons. In any case, we wish that humanity would never use weapons again.

Foto: Zvone Butala