A water pit at Lipovec is an important source of water. Lipovec village is located two kilometres from Semič in the direction towards Črnomelj. The Karst Educational Trail from Lebica to Krupa runs nearby, also passing by the Malikovec karst cave.


The very name of the village suggests a connection with nature. Lipovec is surrounded by fields, meadows, orchards and “steljniki” bracken forest. It is also worth walking to the water cave in the southeast of the village, to where a short footpath leads.


The water cave is found at the foot of a three-metre bank in a wide rock opening. The cave is round in shape with a diameter of 4 metres. The original hollow was walled with natural stone. There are stone stairs leading to the water through an opening in the wall. The wall was once treated and finished at the top. It is up to one metre high from the outside and up to 2 metres from the inner water side.


The water cave at Lipovec was renovated by the Municipality of Semič in 2008 with the help of the villagers of Lipovec and the Helios project entitled “Revival of Wells in Slovenia”.


Foto: Iva Konda