The Črmošnjiška fir tree is the thickest fir tree in Slovenia, but not the tallest one. The Rajhenavska fir tree is even taller. The breast diameter of the Črmošnjiška fir is about 192cm and measures 602cm in circumference. It is more than 45m tall and is the most powerful tree of the Kočevski Rog plateau. These data are a few years old (2016), but they haven’t changed significantly as the fir grows very slowly. Its average thickness gain is only 1.5 millimetres per year.


The thickest fir tree sprouted in the first half of the 18th century, but is still much younger with its venerable 280 years than the Rajhenavska fir. It grows on flat and shallow karst soil. Its canopy starts at about 15m and has a shape of a pyramid. This beauty is quickly noticed in the forest, as significantly thinner trees grow around it. Even nearby trees with fairly large diameters look like dwarfs next to this giant. From afar, we can see that the fir tree, with its lushness, has completely overpowered other trees in the area.

The specials sometimes seem inaccessible to us, as it is not always easy to get close to them. You will also have to go deep into Kočevski Rog to visit the Črmošnjiška fir tree. The easiest way to reach it is by road from Kočevje to the Rog sawmill. There, at the crossroads on the meadow, turn right towards Mirna gora (signpost). Then drive along a narrow macadam road for a few kilometres until reaching a small clearing with a “Črmošnjiška jelka” wooden sign, which can be found next to a thick beech tree. You will notice the thickest fir tree in the forest on the right side along the route of the former forest railway.


Along the paths and off-roads of Kočevski Rog, we can observe a variety of tree species. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know some of them! Observe the shades and wrinkles in their tree bark, gaze into their canopy, and stop for a moment; take off your mental burdens under the canopy and you will feel that the forest is a true natural cure!


Foto: Iva Konda