A family trip in a completely different way. Discover the diversity of the water that surrounds us. In the Bela krajina Nature Centre, learn about the role of water in nature and how important it is to take care of a clean environment. Children will be thrilled by the replicas of the karst cave and the life in it. 

After lunch, finish off with something sweet—a homemade juice or visit a nearby beekeeper. He will be happy to explain how bees collect honey. Learn how important water is for human and animal life on the Karst Educational Trail from Lebica Cave to the River Krupa, leading through the shallow karst. You will see many sinkholes, springs, stone-covered village commons, karst caves and the spring of the River Krupa. 

When you look around, you will see the high Dinaric karst on the nearby peaks of Smuk, Gače, Poljanska gora and Mirna gora, and all the way to the witchy Klek mountain. A very special experience is a walk along Divji potok creek. The name alone tells you that it playfully jumps over many rapids, pools and cascades. And children can use interactive toys to show the stone crayfish, dragonfly…

Foto: SVRK Polona Avanzo, Uroš Novina, Ivan Merljak