These wine-growing areas combine diverse culinary specialties in an area of just a few kilometres. A whole range of wines mature here. White and red varieties, everything from dry wines to predicates. There is no shortage of sparkling wine, you can even taste honey sparkling wine. Not only in vineyard cottages, you can also treat yourself to a tasting of selected wines in the wine cellar in Semič town centre. There’s a confectioner’s behind the corner offering the best ice cream in Dolenjska and Bela krajina. Try it! 

Why not register for the competition and try your hand at baking various strudels, which takes place in Semič every year at the end of August? Pogača flatcake is homemade here on every tourist farm, where they will be happy to hand you a recipe and serve you dishes from the home garden. There are healthy fish in clear and clean creeks. Treat yourself to smoked trout and a spread too. What about the “Semič fuline” Easter filling? This dish is also a speciality of these place and will make you lick your fingers.

Foto: U. Raztresen, J. Kocjan, Z. Butala, U. Novina, Kmetija Mlinar, Mirna gora, Hotel Smuk, J. Gačnik, V. Malnarič