The Črmošnjiško-blatniška Valley and Gače hill near Črmošnjice (955m) are becoming more and more attractive for tourists who like to relax in quiet and more remote corners of nature. They are both also unforgettable for visitors of Gottscheer descent, who explore their roots here.


The remains of the former Gottscheer village of Gače are still visible on the hill, with a memorial pillar near the village ruins as a reminder.


Today, Gače near Črmošnjice is a popular excursion point for nature lovers and at the same time the only ski centre in Bela krajina. In winter, it offers pleasant skiing, and throughout the year some pleasant walks on the flowering grassy slope. Recently, cycling tourism has also been developing here, as the surroundings of Gače are interspersed with many interesting routes.


There is a checkpoint at Gače near Črmošnjice on the Trdinova path, and there are well-marked Shepherd’s Trail (Pastirska pot), Planina-Mirna gora Forest Educational Trail (Gozdna učna pot Planina – Mirna gora) and a footpath called Following in the Footsteps of the Forest Railway (Po sledeh gozdne železnice) close to this hill.


The charms of this hill are invigorating mountain air, peace and openness. You are especially blown away by the view that reaches wide distances. The top of Gače offers a beautiful view of all the villages of the Črmošnjice parish, and on a beautiful day, the view reaches all the way to the Julian and Kamnik-Savinja Alps. At the right time, you can also catch a beautiful sunset.

An attentive observer can enjoy special flowers on Gače. In the area of the ski resort and nearby forests, the biggest variety of orchid species grow in Bela krajina. During the growing season, as many as twenty different species bloom here.


Due to their high sensitivity to fertilisers, orchids are very endangered plants in Slovenia, and most species are protected. Don’t pick them so that they can keep making the slopes of Gače beautiful for a long time to come!


Climbing this beautiful hill is a pleasant family experience for all generations. Tourists keep coming back to Gače as they feel the natural harmony of this hill, reflected in the soothing sounds and colours of the vast meadows, sky and forests.


Foto: SC Gače