The village of Moverna vas above the River Krupa is the most famous and most researched archaeological site in the Semič area. Numerous traces from the Late Stone Age and Copper Age were discovered there. Some of the remains are as much as five thousand years old and were discovered quite by chance in the orchard of one of the villagers. Thousands of pieces of pottery remains were found, which testifies to the fact that the pottery trade in Moverna vas was a very important part of life at that time.

The ancient inhabitants of this village were excellent potters. Ceramic products were made by hand and shaped very carefully. We notice various motifs of incisions and impressions on their products, which testifies to the fact that they definitely had a sense of aesthetics.

The potters added quartz to the clay, thus improving the quality and usability of the vessels. Pots, cups and bowls were fired in simple pottery kilns. The process was controlled by the supply of oxygen, so this pottery is brighter and often painted red.

Chemical analyses of fat traces on the containers revealed that the inhabitants of this village at that time were already consuming processed dairy products. Traces of birch resin and beeswax were also found on the containers.

These interesting pieces of pottery are on display in the Semič Museum House, where you can also see ladles and weights for looms from the same period. So even then, they were already making cloth. All these findings prove that people in the Late Stone Age had very well-developed manual skills.

And today? Are you sure that you would be able to do the basic everyday tasks without the modern power tools and various machines? Former skilled potters from Moverna vas village would almost certainly be more successful!


Foto: Uroš Novina