Smuk is a 547m high plateau above Semič. The signpost in Gaber, on the Dolenjske Toplice-Črnomelj road, directs hikers to a narrow asphalt turn along the slope of Semiška gora mountain to Smuk hill. The trail runs among the vineyards and vineyard cottages. The Smuk plateau rises on the left, and the view of Bela krajina region opens on the right. There is also a takeoff point for paragliders and hang gliders on Smuk, and the Hunters Hall kindly offers hospitality to visitors.


The Smuk takeoff point is also a popular takeoff point for paragliding enthusiasts from other Slovenian regions, as this hill, along with east and south-east winds, allows them to fly long flights across Slovenia. Flights to the Slovenian karst and even to Tolmin have been recorded several times.


If you would like to experience exciting moments in the heights and expanses above Smuk, the Cumulus Paragliding Association can make this experience possible for you. The association unites paragliders from the Bela krajina and Dolenjska regions, and some of their members also come from other parts of Slovenia. The association was founded in 1993 and has about 30 members. Their basic purpose is to arrange and maintain takeoff and landing sites, to assist in the training of paragliding pilots, to organise various lectures and training sessions for its members and the general public, and to participate in various national and international competitions.

Jože Molek, President of the Cumulus Paragliding Association

Foto: Jan Kocjan, Boris Krstinić in Mateja Štarkel