The Pilgrimage Church of St Trinity at Vinji vrh is extremely popular among pilgrims. The pilgrimage churches are usually found in interesting and specific locations. This is certainly true for the Pilgrimage Church of St Trinity on the hill above the village of Vinji Vrh, offering a beautiful view of the surroundings and the nearby vineyards. 

On special days, pilgrims used to flock to the church, so a shed was added so that they could have a mass outside. The architectural design of this church is an echo of Nova Štifta. From afar, its dome, once covered in shingles, is most noticeable.

The three-storey main altar in the church surprises with its rich gilding, typical of the baroque. It represents the heavenly Jerusalem, in which the beneficent light of God shines eternally, giving souls their last home. 

A particularly nice feeling is aroused by the dome, which ends at the top with a roof lantern. The abundance of light in the dome fills visitors with joy and optimism, so it often happens that they sing happily in the church. The acoustic characteristics of the Church of St Trinity are excellent, so it is perfect for musical performances.

The trained hands of masters Nuremberg and Jereb decorated the church with numerous statues, the leading motifs being the coronation and ascension of Mary. Even if you are not an expert in the church’s doctrine, in the Pilgrimage Church of St Trinity you will certainly recognise one of the saints accompanied by the goose. Have you already guessed who this is?

An attentive observer will also discover a pelican in the church, symbolising Christ’s sacrifice.

This small but special pilgrimage church somehow cheers you up and comforts you with its rich details. The walk to it is especially pleasant in autumn, when the vineyards that surround it are also gilded. Take a look at it and you will understand why it has always been so popular with pilgrims!

Foto: Uroš Novina