The Planina puddle plays an important role. There are many smaller water sources in Kočevje forests, once enabling the Gottscheers to survive, and today being extremely valuable for forest animals and moisture-loving plants.

The Gottscheer village of Planina used to have a well, two puddles and between the two world wars also a village water supply system. The well with the engraved year of 1848 and the puddle are still maintained today.


The Planina-Mirna gora Forest Educational Trail leads past Planina puddle, which is an extremely important source of water for forest animals. Its banks have the shape of a heart, as if nature deliberately wanted to remind us that there is no life without water.

The source of water in the puddle is rainwater and water flowing from the old Planina-Mirna gora road. The puddle is a vital spawning ground for amphibians in the spring months, especially for the alpine and smooth newt and common frog. The book Forester’s Tale (Gozdarjeva povest) by Rozi Mohar will be of great help in discovering the secrets of this diverse natural environment.


Foto: Uroš Novina