Ponikve is a marginal karst field on the eastern edge of Kočevski Rog plateau near Mirna gora mountain. The wavy bottom is 900m long and up to 500m wide, and is surrounded on all sides by a higher edge.

From the northern part of Ponikve, a stream flows to the south, which sinks to the bottom of the karst field. It has been proven that the water from Ponikve supplies the River Kolpa (underground connection to the Krupa) and also the Krka (underground connection to the River Črmošnjičica near Kočevske Poljane). 

Before the Second World War, two smaller dams were made along the stream for the needs of a wood gas-powered sawmill, which today represent a rare type of habitat (standing water) in the Karst Kočevski Rog plateau. The bottom of the karst field is surrounded by a 37ha forest reserve, created by overgrowing the former pasture areas.

The ruins of the village, which was burned in 1942 and then officially abolished in 1955, were also used to build forest roads. Old fruit trees next to the ruins of this former village also testify to the former life in Ponikve.


Foto: Zvone Butala