The renovated museum house in Semič integrates nicely into the increasingly well kept market core of the town of Semič.

The ground floor of the museum includes the office of the Tourist Information Centre, where we are happy to help you get to know the hidden tourist pearls of Bela krajina.

The museum contains three important exhibitions: The Nature Centre of Bela krajina, Semič in twenty images and the Vineyard Collection with a tasting room. The contents are presented according to modern museum standards: interactive, educational and experiential. You’ll walk through the distant geological past of Bela krajina and get to know the astonishing richness of plants and animals in this karst area. There is also a true karst cave, which is especially attractive for children.

All this will surely awaken a desire in you to explore this landscape further. Did you know that Bela krajina is the most biologically diverse region in Slovenia, and Slovenia the most biologically diverse country in Europe?

The ground floor of the museum features a local historical collection, which reveals the life of people in Semič and its surroundings from prehistory to the founding of the independent Municipality of Semič in 1995. This collection especially highlights the image of the Parish Church of St Stephen, surrounded by mighty nave walls during the Ottoman invasions. What this wall was like, you can see for real, right next to the church across the street!

There is a tasting room with a wine collection in the basement of the Semič Museum House. There are tools and equipment of Bela krajina vineyard cottages on display from the times when only wood breathed in them and when they did not yet use objects made of plastic, steel and accessories of modern times.

After visiting the exhibitions, the members of the Semič Winegrowers’ Association will serve you top-quality wines of Bela krajina wine in the Museum House wine shop. The varied and colourful contents of this museum will certainly leave visitors speechless. You are warmly welcome!

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Foto: Jan Kocjan, Uroš Novina, Boris Krstinić