The picturesque Semiška gora mountain, rising above Semič, gives our area a unique charm. It is planted with vines and full of many vineyard cottages, and its thermal zone from 200 to 350m above sea level allows us to grow a variety of fruit species. Chestnuts also grow well here, giving good grazing to the bees.

The viticultural tradition has accompanied us since the 14th century, and the Kočevje Germans also had many vineyard cottages on the mountain in the Middle Ages, leaving important traces in our country.

You will feel the beautiful views from the mountain best if you go along various hiking and cycling trails that lead to two beautiful excursion points: Smuk (547m) and Semenič (590m). You can explore their turbulent and varied past in the modern and extremely interesting Semič Museum House.

You can also get to Smuk along the panoramic road that leads throughout Semiška gora mountain. You will definitely catch a nice panoramic shot and maybe even notice the paragliders that often descend from Smuk.

The mountain boasts the longest single-track railway tunnel in Slovenia. You can therefore come to us by train; when you run through the tunnel from the Dolenjska region, a beautiful window to Bela krajina will suddenly open in front of you, and on a clear day your view will reach all the way to the River Kolpa and Croatia.

One of the hiking trails on Semiška gora leads past the homestead of Lojze Krakar, a sensitive poet and intellectual from Semiška gora. Take a look at Semič Library and explore its story, too!


Foto: Uroš Novina