The ascent to Smuk hill above Semič (547m) has been proven to brighten up even a truly bad day. There are many paths leading to the top—you can pick a different one every day of the week! During the walk, you will be accompanied almost everywhere by vineyards, chestnuts and various domestic and wild fruit species, which flourish here in abundance.


The popular path to Smuk above Semič leads past the “Smuk chapel” and further on through the pleasant shade of the forest. You can also choose the path from Gaber, which leads past the old Church of Saints Primus and Felician. It is also pleasant to walk uphill from the direction of Vrtača.

You can rest at the top under a mighty oak and refresh yourself in the hunting lodge. You will be delighted by the beautiful view of Bela krajina, and you can often observe the take-off of paragliders and hang-gliders, who like to use this hill to do so.


The Church of St Lawrence and the ruins of the former castle may encourage you to explore their interesting past. You can also do this at the Semič Museum House when you return to the valley.


Cyclists, too, have plenty of various options for climbing up Smuk hill. They can get to the top by asphalt road, but they can also choose more demanding macadam and forest paths. On these trails you can meet forest inhabitants such as wild rabbit, deer, fox, badger, squirrel, woodpecker and many other species of birds.


You can also stay by the Dormouse Plantation (Polhove nasad) at the dormouse hut on Smuk. There, dormice catchers have planted many trees that provide food and shelter for dormice – a fluffy species that can sleep for up to seven months a year. The natural history collection at the Semič Museum is dedicated to them too!


You can go on foot or by bike to the other side of the hill towards Bajer, Rožni Dol and Gornje Laze. The rustle of leaves in these vast beech forests, the soothing energy of centuries-old trees and the fresh mountain air invigorate the body and spirit. Enjoy them as much as you can!


Foto: Jan Kocjan in Uroš Novina