Sredogorska luža puddle is located in the village of Sredgora along the Črnomelj-Planina or Koprivnik road. Two puddles and a well with a trough below the village were the source of water for the former inhabitants. The Sredogorska puddle was built by the former inhabitants mainly to feed livestock.


Today, the starting point of the puddle is the footpath along the partially preserved route of the former forest railway between Sredgorska luža puddle and Štale. The circular footpath is 4km long, marked with direction indicators and explanatory boards. The forester Franc Janež and his friends are responsible for the fact that the traces of the former forest railway have not been forgotten. 


The villages of the Kočevje Germans were abandoned decades ago. Their ruins are mostly overgrown by forest, but we can still find many puddles, water reservoirs and carefully walled wells around them. Where water murmurs, life never dies—it just goes on in a slightly different form.


Foto: Uroš Novina