The Church of St Stephen in Semič is one of the largest churches in Bela krajina with an exceptional history. Have you ever visited a church where the frescoes depict the locals? You can see just that in Semič parish church of St Stephen! Of course, the church is also proud of the paintings of The Last Supper and St. Stephen by the famous baroque painter Metzinger as well as The Stations of the Cross by Janez Potočnik. 

One of the oldest and largest churches in Bela krajina belongs to the Teutonic Order, and if you have an eye for detail, you will discover details on the church door that reveal who its patron saint is. On the St Stephen’s Day (December 26), you can visit the well-attended blessing of horses in front of the church, with a rich market of local crafts and cuisine. 

A special feature of the Church of St Stephen in Semič is its nave wall, which testify to the cruel times of the Ottoman invasions. Here you can take a walk through one of the best-preserved nave complexes in the Bela krajina and Dolenjska regions, and relive in your imagination the insecurity of the villagers who once were hiding behind thick nave walls.

The chapel of St Little Terezika, standing next to the church, will impress you with its colourful mosaic, the work of the famous artist Marko Ivan Rupnik. The Easter motif of Christ’s resurrection is presented in a unique way with colourful stones and gilded leaves.

The tombstone of the Kuralt family by the church testifies to the times when the Slovene language did not yet have its true value. But the traces of this distinguished family lead us to the poetry of Simon Jenko, who found inspiration for his most beautiful love verses right in Semič…

The Church of St Stephen in Semič has witnessed many turning points in the Semič parish since the 12th century, which you can see in the interesting Semič Museum House. Explore the past of this predominantly baroque church and you will understand why it still gives an important pulse to our area today!

Foto: Uroš Novina