In Bela krajina, the intertwining of the world of nature and the world of culture has created a unique cultural landscape. You can see it in the beautifully cultivated fields of the flat karst world, where there is a small church on every hill. 

Also on the higher karst, where the grapevines spread as far as the eye can see. Get to know the “stone forest”, a unique creation of nature, where man has had a hard time cultivating the land. And don’t miss the karst water springs Lebica and Vodenica, which provided people with water. Visit the architectural intertwining of the past and the present in the restored old market centre of the town of Semič. There’s the chapel of St Little Terezika with a unique mosaic by Father Marko Ivan Rupnik standing next to the church of St Stephen with its bell tower rising high. 

The pilgrimage church of St Lawrence on the 547m high Smuk hill invites you in August to the Smočko žegnanje blessings and to observe the tears of St Lawrence or a meteor shower. The intertwining of the gifts of nature and hard work is also reflected in traditional dishes served for lunch and dinner. This is also reflected in the glass of honey, wine or homemade juice you get when you visit.

Foto: B. Krstinić, J. Kocjan, U. Novina, Sun House, SVRK P. Avanzo, Mirna gora