The Krupa is one of the most attractive natural attractions of the Semič municipality. Its spring is in the village of Krupa, four kilometres from Semič in the direction of Gradac.


Due to its geomorphological characteristics, hydrological properties, rare animal species and exceptional picturesqueness, it is included in the list of the most important natural heritage of Slovenia. The river therefore has several statuses from a nature conservation point of view:


  •   Protected as a natural monument
  •   Included in the Natura 2000 network
  •   The river and karst caves along it are defined as natural values
  •   Included in an ecologically important area


The altitude difference between the spring and the mouth of Krupa is 6m, which once enabled the operation of five mills and three sawmills. Some of them still stand today and testify to the once lively activities along this river. After 2.5km, the Krupa flows into the Lahinja.


The Krupa has carved a distinct riverbed with steep banks into the karst plain. We observe hart’s-tongue fern, liquorice and numerous rocks formed by water over millennia on wet slopes. In some places, there are curtains of moss hanging from the trees by the water, enjoying an abundance of air humidity.

Dragonflies, the timid European pond turtle, the raven and many other species of birds live by the water. The banks of the river are also inhabited by beaver and muskrat. Exploring the varied life along the Krupa is an excellent starting point for an instructive science and technology day. All of you who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city will also enjoy being by the river.


You can walk from the spring almost to its outflow to the Lahinja. The path is marked and leads across the forest. The blue-green colour of the water and the characteristic coolness of this karst river are especially refreshing on hot days. Maybe even a view of the kingfisher, a rare bird adorned with azure blue feathers, will brighten your day here…


A walk along the shady path along the Krupa enchants even the most demanding visitors.


Foto: SVRK: Polona Avanzo in Uroš Novina