Wild fruit orchard is located between the villages of Lipovec and Pugled near the Malikovec cave. The cave was shaped by underground currents. The total length of the karst cave tunnels is about 80m, and the maximum depth is 28m. The cave is accessible by an inclined abyss with the stairs leading through.

When entering the cave, we see a rock curtain hanging from the ceiling. We find an elephant head-like stalactite in the great hall, and further on, we run into a deep abyss. Groundwater flows along its bottom, continuing its way through underground tunnels and dissolving limestone. 

Entering the cave is especially pleasant on hot summer days thanks to its refreshing coolness. When we look up in the big hall, we observe the natural window with the light penetrating through.

The cave is also interesting in winter, as ice stalactites of interesting shapes often grow in it.

The name of the cave may derive from the word malikovati – worshiping. Who knows, maybe once the pagans brought gifts to the gods here, worshiping them, asking for help.


There is a plantation with twenty-six varieties of wild fruit species near the Malikovec karst cave. The rowan tree, whitebeam, sorb tree, bird cherry, wild service tree, mulberry, the wild apple, dogwood, blackthorn, juniper grow there… The plantation draws attention to the importance that wild fruit species once had in human nutrition, folk medicine, woodworking and garden design. Wild fruit species are also welcome food for wild animals during the winter months.


The learning garden was planted with the intention of not forgetting these less prominent but interesting and healing fruit species. Do you know any of them?


You can relax on benches next to the cave and enjoy an exceptional view of Semiška gora mountain. The view of the evening sun as it sets behind Semič is especially beautiful. This is an opportunity for a great walk at any time of the year!


Foto: Uroš Novina